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of the united states? >> greta: and the senator said what to you, sir? >> the senator said that he thought that it was constitutional. that the only reservation he had was the individual mandate that's in the bill. he said that would probably have to go to the supreme court. but he believed that the supreme court would approve it as being constitutional. >> greta: about how many people were present at this town hall meeting? >> by my guess around 280. there's 240 seats in the hall plus roughly 40 people standing either by the walls or sitting in the aisles. all the seats were filled. >> greta: it is considered a conservative area do you consider yourself republican, democrat, independent? >> i'm an active member of the republican party of waukesha county. >> greta: what percentage in the room were republicans and what percentage were democrats? >> i have no idea, but i do know that someone else took a straw poll of how many people favored this piece of legislation and how many were opposed. there were exactly 12 people in favor of it and everyone else opposed. so that would be roughly 90%
against the united states must go on. is his wife a freak case or just the tip of the iceberg? joining us john bolton. we hear so infrequently about the women. not that they are not -- i guess that's a question. high viral is this? how much are the wives behind these men? >> i think it proves that wives can be just as much religious extremists as their husbands. we in the united states frankly don't understand the motivating power of this kind of religious fanaticism. we have a simplistic, marxist view of economic determinism and economic factors dominate how history is made that is extremely simplistic. i think this religious zeal shows this economic determinism is not the answer to all these issues. >> greta: the thing that struck me as odd she hadn't heard from him for quite sometime she was in turkey and he had been in pakistan and other places. as soon as she discovered he committed suicide and killed these people it doesn't seem the first response is grief. it is more supporting him, cheering him. it is vote vile the way to think she would be so ecstatic, so supportive. >> if you un
-span. if you were president of the united states would it be on c-span do you agree? >> he made the prop if you make a promise like that you have to keep. there are bigger promises he has not kept. the most important of which he would have this open process. there would be a bipartisan effort. new style of politics in washington. and the style he has brought has been far more of the backroom, if you will, bribery type of arrangement that we've seen in many, many years. >> greta: why? why has he made those promises about having it open and everybody have a seat at the table for instance? why since you don't think he has kept those promises didn't he or hasn't he? >> i can't guess to his motivation other than the fact has been unsuccessful in his first year. has not been able to accomplish virtually anything. as a result he's pinning all of his hopes on seeing something happen with health care what has occurred of course he's created a monster. this health care bill this being fashioned by the two houses doesn't make any sense and it ought to be jammed and they ought to start over again. but he's
. >> but i'm saying now that he needs to get at least republican vote to pass things in the united states senate. what we saw today was a photo-op. the president accomplished what he wantedh to communicate to americans that he's open to listening. those meetings while that's a good thing, what he needs to do is let them in the room when policy is being discussed. so far we've seen no indication of that >> greta: if this is a one time deal this is wrong. if it is the beginning of a weekly thing it is huge. this town has been a little -- nobody has been talking in weeks and months. >> that's a good thing. meeting is always a nice thing. actually compromising and moving it toward the middle would be another. >> greta: the comment about the lobbyists saying he's the toughest, because of no participation in his administration. of course there are no lobbyists on his payroll the problem they are still lobbying heavily whether on the hill or the white house. and has yet to say no to it. it is a little too -- i don't buy it they are so tough on lobbyists. >> there were a lot of waivers done for
it in the united states of america. that would be a start. >> greta: well, any way, governor thank you. make sure you watch governor huckabee saturday night here on fox new. >> if he wants to do security maybe he should get a job doing ski patrol in aspen. that's a 24/7 job especially when it happens like it did. the day after the failed attack on northwest flight 253 the director of er terrorism decided to go on a a ski vacation. it is so over-the-top. joining us tucker carlson. even i came in to do a live news show. >> an example of bad judgment. a good guy -- >> greta: this isn't about being a nice guy it is about doing a job. >> this is why you have the job in the first place what is so striking to membership the white house is striking this sort of george bush 2002 tone, no one is gonna get fired for this, right. we are all at fault so none of us are really at fault. they are attacking anybody, in classic campaign mode, anybody who would question this. the white house comes out today and says look how dare you question the fact this man went skiing a day after the terror attack. his son turn
an action against the united states for this unfair treatment, i think remains to be seen. i think what everybody is hoping, including a lot of democrats is this goes away in the conference committee. >> greta: there are a number of state attorney generals who signed on besides yourself. i was liking through the list one of the names isn't on there is the attorney general for the state of nebraska. i assumed he was a democrat. he's a republican. did you call him and ask him what he thought about his state getting this? >> i do know that some of the republican a g's talked to him and i think he's kind of keeping quiet. i think he's also hoping the city going away. i can't imagine anybody wanting to look at the voters of the other states at least, in the eye and say it is okay nebraska gets this deal and rest of us done. but i can't speak for nebraska. >> greta: did you fan democratic ag's to go along with you did you talk to any democratic a g's and what was the response? >> i talked to one off-the-record, if you will. he's hoping that this is going away. they won't have to deal with it
, thank you. there is no doubt the large haitian community here in the united states is facing hell on earth waiting to hear if family members are alive or dead. [ crying ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greta: we tried to get to haiti today we were there with reverend franklin graham. our plane circled haiti almost three hours as we waited for clearance to land. [ inaudible ] >> this is one of the first countries that we started working in first. there are hospitals done here that we have sent doctors to, we send medical equipment, supplies. we've helped to build hospitals in haiti. one of the key organizations is the haitian baptist mission. they have a hospital. they have agricultural projects. they do a lot for the people of haiti this particular group is kind of our lead partner we are working with [ inaudible ] >> greta: franklin we've been circling for a while. the u.s. is now trying to take over the airport s that what we are hearing? >> this is what we have heard is that the airport is in the process, the control is in the process of being handed over. >> greta: from haitians to u.s.?
. but i think look when you have the president of the united states using c-span as a lever to get elected, maybe brian felt like he was being used and said if you are going to use me, i'm going to do the same. come up and do what said you are gonna do. >> greta: not the fact that he said he was gonna put it on c-span we showed videos. this is different it has an enormous impact. not as i say naming a post office. he says things so we can see who is making the argument. most people want to know why did nebraska get what it got? it is not true. we don't know who got bought off. that's a lie. >> it is a lie. not only don't we know about the deals that are being made that clearly in a conference committee when you sit and vote on amendments and it's a public debate. you are right c-span cameras aren't normally there because generally speaking it is not particularly interesting it is like a committee mark-up, boring, dry. in this case it wouldn't be. in this case the stakes are really high. and the subject matter would be i think very, very interesting to a lot of people. who is really fightin
as a humanitarian assistance and disaster relief mission that's what the united states military is here for. they are here as we all are at the invitation of the haitian government that knows they need help this airport is a perfect example. there's only one runway this is not i deal, thanks goodness it was not damaged if the quake knocked this runway out i don't know where we would be in terms of trying to help. we went to the haitian government. we said we were ready to help. they asked for our help. we negotiated an agreement so the u.s. military could get it open and prioritize the flights in and out. it is a small airport, but we've made it very busy and we've got to be sure people are safe coming in and out. >> greta: we have all these supplies, things like hospitals, we would like to help, does the united states have to work out agreements there? any sort of resistance, if we can help, we are hearing horrible stories? >> the haitians have said we need all the help we can get. it is getting to where the help is needed. setting up a facility, making sure it is well staffed and well equ
. republican scott brown is now the united states senator elect from the state of massachusetts. susan, this is your home -- where you lived many years, what do you think? >> it's where i was born and worked for ed brook. you know? maybe i started this. that was my first campaign when he ran for senate. i think there is trouble in river city, you know? i don't think it's good for democrats. and i think in particular what molly is just saying about the trashing of martha coakley. she did a lot of things wrong. curt schilling was wrong. there are terrorists in afghanistan. she should have won. and i think the critical question is what is everybody going to do for tomorrow morning. i know people aren't going to wake up and put more pressure on to get health care passed and this will be interesting to see. >> what is certain she was up 20, more than 20 points in december 19th then, all of a sudden, kaboom you have a deal where ben nelson cuts a deal behind closed doors then a deal where unions cut behind closed doors and get something. suddenly she loses to the republican and so if as any
of the vice president of the united states, attorney general of delaware fully expected to be the democrat candidate for the united states senate today announced, i'm not running for the senate. >> greta: why? because he thinks he can win? >> clear delay is the reason. because he's losing in the polls to a very popular republican congressman, first elected to the house in 1992, governor before that for eight years, mike castle. >> greta: this is a real blow to vice president biden. it's his seat he's held it for a long time much like the so-called kennedy seat which scott brown said was the people's seat, held by the -- held by kennedy for a number of years. >> there's some conversations that biden enjoys being attorney general but not every child wants to knoll exactly in the footsteps of their -- wants to follow exactly in the foots of father or mother. i think there's a certain amount of admire -- admireable re . george w. bush and his brother jeb both thought of running for governor while their father was president. both sided not to. one, they didn't want to be running for office whil
for the president of the united states. >> he works for us too. >> at president has an obligation to shoot -- the president has an obligation to shoot straight. he has lectured us 11 months and a few days about the need for transparency. here he's not insisting on transparency. elect ed about bipartisanship, he's blessing a process deliberately not only excluding republicans but excluding many important democrats is writing this bill? nobody knows. we know nancy pelosi is it in, we know harry reid is in it. nobody has a list of who is involved in these discussions. because they are not going through a formal process leak congress engages in all big important pieces of legislation. >> greta: the fact they won't do it makes me suspicious. what are they hiding? what is the argument against turning the camera on c-span, not fox news, cnn or anybody else, just putting the camera on what is the argument it? >> people are going to preen for the cameras. sometimes there does need to be sausage making. even if you don't put it on camera so people are looking over your shoulder all the time there ou
it on the pictures we to get people out from unthis rubble. the united states is getting , russia is sending in two helicopters. china had a terrible earthquake they are sending in a search-and-rescue team, mexico, brazil, all these countries are helping. but the american people can help just by giving us what we need down there to keep people alive and treat their basic injuries while we're going through this rub. one about two weeks we can start thinking about the long term rebuilding. right now we have to save every life we can. for three, four more days we can still find people alive under this rebel. -- under this rubble, but we got to be able to care for them once we pull them out. get get such a heartbreak looking at pictures and seeing the loss of life we are going to learn more about everyday this country has been so poor for so long. the structures are poorly constructed which contributes to some maybe increased destruction here. why has this country been so poor? what has been the problem there? >> 200 years ago haiti was the richest place in the caribbean. but, when it became a free bla
for the president of the united states. >> he works for us. president works for us too. >> president has an obligation to shoot straight. that's my bigger gripe. say what you will about what he said during the campaign. he has lectured us for a year in office. nearly a year in office. 11 months and few days about the need for transparency and here he's not insisting on transparency. also lectured us about the necessity for bipartisanship. everybody would have a seat at the table and he's bless ago process that is deliberately not only excluding republicans but excluding many important democrats. who is writing the bill? nobody knows. we know that nancy pelosi is in it. harry reid is in it but nobody has a comprehensive list of who is involved in the discussion and why because they are not going through a formal process like congress engages in in all big important pieces of legislation. >>reporter: the fact they won't do it of course makes me profoundly suspicious. that's my thought. what is the argument against just turning the camera on c span. not fox news. no fox or cnn
of the united states have a duty to keep this country that's us safe and secure. so are they really doing that? or is congress a bureaucratic mess and we are uses lucky we haven't been hit again? former nebraska senator kerry was on the commission. moments ago he went on the record. nice to see you >> >> nice to see you. >>reporter: all right. there has been an awful lot of attention for good reason on the man who traveled from nigeria to amsterdam to detroit and attention on how the u.s. responded what we are doing and on president obama and how he's handled it. what about the united states congress? should we have the spotlight on them as well? >> i believe we should. not so much on the individual members but on the structure particularly of the oversight both intelligence agency as well as homeland security. primary recommendation of 9-11 commission made in 2004 congress very quickly reformed the structure of the executive branch. i think mccain offered amendment with 12 or 13 vote to restructure congress and we said unless and until that gets done it's difficult to imagine congress p
some were offended he has a bounce in his step to say that to the president of the united states? >> he's very self-assured very comfortable in his own skin but he's also very real. i think the president from the side of the conversation that i could hear appreciated that they had some laughs. scott told the president about >> >> greta: how meet him in college? >> scott was a year behind me in college and again in law school. we ofed together as senators. >> greta: when is he going to get sworn in? >> still waiting to see. is certification of the results of the state level followed by a swearing in ceremony. there's an informal process where the senate could by consent swear him in by waiving their internal rules and customs. for the time being we believe the formal process is going to apply the earliest time that could be would likely be february 10th, for the certification and after for swearing in. we are aiming for february 11th. >> greta: why is that secretary state sent a letter on behalf of congresswoman tsongas before she was certified to the house this is the did the secretary
of spending. the united states federal government setting aside right or left can't pay its bills it is a matter of math. >> greta: here's one of the growing problems we have an unemployment rate of 10%, higher if you count the people who have given up looking for a job and have quit because the unemployment is so high we don't have the tax revenue that of course creates problems on this government. we have the situation where we are spending the money the stimulus bill according to our numbers the 787 billion dollars that we intended to spend we've only spend 264 billion which leads 523 billion left. would you say the stimulus program or the bill has failed and would you say let's stop that one. ? >> it is not working it it is not effective. they promised if you pass the stimulus bill we would have unemployment at 8% or lower it is up at 10%. i think most credible economists say it is not working. we can redeploy that by drawing down deficits or through tax cut things that would more quickly and better ignite the economy. government doesn't create wealth it extracts it from the p
to follow the president of the united states. in my 18-year-old twin boys have added pressure by giving me 10 minutes to finish before they leave to go watch sportscenter. [ laughing ] >> i'm joined by fellow virginians to share a public perspective on how to best address the challenges facing our nation today. we were encouraged to hear the president speak about the need to create jobs. all americans should have the opportunity to find and keep meaningful work and the dignity thatrs5 comes with it. [ applause ] >> many of us here tonight and many of you watching have family or friends who have lost their jobs. in fact, 1 in 10 americans is unemployed that is unacceptable. here in virginia we face our highest employment rate in more thanfq 25 years. bringing new jobs and more opportunities to our citizens is a top priority of my administration. good government policy should spur economic growth and strengthen the private sector's ability to create new jobs. [ applause ] >> we must enact policies that promote entrepreneurship and innovation so america can better compete with the world. wha
along. the united auto workers' principle coverage in the state of michigan through blue cross/blue shield of michigan, union members are on the board of the company and when are exempted from taxes levied by insurance company only two blue cross and blue shield he exempted michigan and in -- and nebraska. >> greta: a letter today from senator nelson to majority leader harry reid he's now saying the deal the 300 million dollar deal nebraska he said that 300 million dollar deal was intended to serve as a place holder that would be removed during the negotiations and replaced with a mechanism applied to all state government. >> you know what, it is so laughable that did senator nelson say that at the time? no. he twice says i'm going to remove the nebraska privilege and replace it with something for all states. they are not gonna do that this is literally hundreds of billions over the course of the bill. what they've done is they said half the people who get insurance coverage under this bill, the senate bill, get coverage by being dumped into medicaid, where the state shares par
! [ cheering ] >> i thank the people of massachusetts for electing me as your next united states senator! [ cheering ] [ chanting ] [ applause ] >> everyday i hold this office i will give all that is in me to serve you well and make you proud. most of all, most of all, i will -- thank you. most of all, i will remember that while the honor is mine, this senate seat belongs to no one person, no one political party. as i said before, and you've heard it today and you will hear it loud and clear, this is the people's seat! [ cheering ] >> thank you very much. i spoke to senator paul kirk and he has completed his work as the senator. [ cheering ] [ chanting ] [ seat him now ] >> i spoke to senator kirk he was gracious he said he would help in the transition he welcomes me as soon as i can get there. i want to thank him from the bottom of my heart. i want to thank him very much the people as i -- as you know by their votes has fill the office and i'm ready to go to washington, without delay! [ applause ] >> i also want to thank martha coakley for her call of congratulations. a hard contest is
in the history of the united states senate. in year we could win obama's seat in illinois and biden's seat in delaware. and we picked up ted kennedy's sea. people reject the process of the health care bill, the increase in taxes, the expansion of government. but he has a chance to be a problem solver. needs to do more than just vote against the health care bill, and i believe he will. he has a unique tune unleak -- unlike any senator since hillary clinton to make a big impact. >> greta: he said there's going to be transparency. frankly everybody who comes to washington says that we haven't gotten it. he's gonna run for office, in 34 more month many >> he will do what he campaigned on. the president with president he told us during the campaign everything we wanted to hear there. will be negotiations on c-span. the old way of doing business is dead. what happened with the health care bill? i was behind closed doors no one knew what was going on. they roll out a 400 page amendment saturday we vote on monday morning. everything he campaigned on was basically lost in the roses. >> greta: it is
ahmadinejad of iran is in brazil. that of course has caused some consternation on the part of the united states. what do you think about the president of brazil entertaining ahmadinejad? >> i wish the president of brazil would put his foot down and tell ahmadinejad what we want to tell him. that it is unacceptable this madman regime to threaten israel, to wipe it off the face of the earth and to spew his hatred of america. i would hope that the president of brazil would forge even better relationships with france, with britain with america and start looking at joining us in the sanctions that we should be applying to iran. instead of just talking about the sanctions all these great ideas we have to not allow them to capitalize on favorable er to deals or continued imports of petroleum, refined products, but sanctioning this country until they start changing their behavior. i would like brazil to join in that >> how do you describe the president obama foreign policy direction, philosophy with president bush, what is the difference? >> i think it has been summed up for me, most clearly, wh
Search Results 0 to 36 of about 37 (some duplicates have been removed)